5th (Royal Irish) Lancers

By the age at the date of joining various Lodges, we can determine that George was born about 1851. It appears he was able to either successfully dodge every census, or his common name prevents tracing forward or backward from birth or death.

There is no evidence to show that he married, so looking at what we do know of his career, both military and masonic, perhaps these were his two passions. In terms of residency, he was living in Brighton (probably at Preston Barracks) as a Warrant Officer in 1886 when initiated into Burrell Lodge and again when he re-joined Burrell Lodge in 1905. In the interim, he was more than likely stationed within the various messes of the 5th Lancers.


George was a career soldier who rose as far through the ranks as possible for a non-commissioned engagement route to become a cavalry officer. Given his date of birth was about 1851, the approximated time of joining was between 1865-1870, after the regiment underwent title changes from 5th (Royal Irish) Regiment of Dragoons (Lancers) to 5th (or Royal Irish) Lancers.

His military service records are unavailable, and it is only through scant and scattered information after becoming an honorary officer, that we can surmise any detail at all.

He was a listed as a Warrant Officer at time of Initiation 1886 and was promoted from Regimental Sergeant Major in 1888 to an honorary commission.

The 5th Lancers was mainly used on garrison duties in England and Ireland, though from 1864 to 1873 and 1888 to 1897 it was sent to India. It also sent two squadrons to fight in Egypt and the Sudan in 1885, charging with lances at Suakin. The whole regiment deployed to the Boer War in 1899, where its 'C' Squadron took part in the charge at Elandslaagte. He most probably didn’t take part in this cavalry charge, by not having the clasp, however, he was certainly out in South Africa by mid-1898 and served in Natal and Ladysmith as a Captain and Quartermaster.

For his efforts in South Africa, he was awarded the Queens South Africa medal with the “Defence of Ladysmith” and “Natal” clasps. He rose further through the ranks to Major between 1898 and 1903. Following the actions of the second Boer War he was stationed with the 5th Lancers at Cavalry Barracks, Colchester.

Military Milestones:

Masonic Milestones:

Richard Dalton Simms aged 31 joined Lodge of Hope the same day as Bro. George Waterman and also Malwa Lodge No. 1994 about the same time. Both are listed as O.R.C. 5th Lancers He Malawa Lodge, Bombay Lodge of Hope, Meerut, Bengal Ligonier Lodge Muttra, NW Province Klip River County is in Ladysmith, Natal. 1665 is Pietermaritzburg KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa). Name appears on the Warrant of Constitution as petitioner. Founding IPM


P.D.G.D.C. (Bengal)

Grand Lodge and Comrades Lodge records show death July 1907 and subscriptions stop then. Possible death registered at Steyning, Sussex. There is a George Waterman of 47 Rugby Road, Brighton who died 26th July 1907. Probate to widow Annie Elizabeth Waterman . Is this him?