2nd Dragoon Guards

He was born in Margate Kent c. 1841 Married Hannah (nee Mason), a Colchester (Hythe) late 1870 or early 1871 In 1891 he was residing at 7 St Johns Road, Greenstead, Colchester with Hannah and Eliza Mason. Aged 50 he is listed as a Retired Captain 2 Dragoon Guards, Army. Hannah is 42 and Eliza 23, also reported to have been born in Poplar, London.

The 1906 Kelly’s Directory records his address as 7 Old Heath Road, Colchester.

The 1908 Hart’s Annual Army List shows that he is late of 2nd Dragoon Guards on Retired Pay

In 1911 he was recorded as aged 70 and a widower and living with Eliza Mason, his Niece (aged 44) who was acting as Housekeeper/domestic, at 7 Old Heath Road, Colchester, Essex. It states along with his signature that his a Captain Late of the 2nd Dragoon Guards. The 1910, 1914 & 1917 Kelly’s Directory records his address as 7 Old Heath Road, Colchester.

His death is recorded as 25th January 1919 (aged 78 years) and buried with his wife at Colchester Cemetery and Crematorium.

The Gravestone shows more information:

“In Loving Memory of Hannah the Dearly Beloved Wife of Captain Capon Henry Preston Queens Bays R.P. Born October 11th 1848 – Died April 19th, 1904 after a long and painful illness patiently borne” “Also the above Capon Henry Preston who died January 25th 1919, Aged 78 years.”

Probate shows that he left his estate to his niece, Eliza Mason.: Preston Capon Henry of 7 Old Heath Road Colchester died 25th January 1919 Probate London 8 March to Eliza Mason spinster. Effects £354 13s 6d.



Lodge 563 Charity Lodge Bro. Griffith's House, Umballa, Punjab, India 1849 Lodge Rooms, Dragoon Lines, Umballa, Punjab, India 1850 Masonic Hall, Staff Road, Umballa, Punjab, India 1881

One of the 25 petitioners not named individually on the Warrant of Constitution. Resigned from the Lodge 1st November 1916

Age : 63 Occupation : Retired Captain Residence: 4 Gladstone Road, Colchester Former Lodge(s): Lodge No. 563 (now extinct) Rank attained: PDGD (Punjab) Was on the 1871, 1891 Census for Colchester Possible 1861 Worldwide Army Index - Trooper Possible 1888 Harts Army List – 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen’s Bays) The regiment embarked for India 22 November 1885; by 1895 was in Egypt; and fought in South Africa in 1901 and 1902.

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