York & Lancaster Regiment

The information on this individual has been difficult to find and evidence, chiefly through numbers of people with the name, transcription errors and variations in recording. i.e. J. Blackmore, Jas. Blackmore etc.

James was born in either Tidworth or Sedworth/Bedworth? in 1858 to father was Harry Blackmore, a gardener.

Married Carrie (Caroline) at Fleetwood Parish Church on 24th March 1884 at Fleetwood, Lancashire. At this time he was at resident at Fulwood Barracks, Preston as a Sergeant York? & Lancaster Regiment (Banns Certificate)

In Malta, 1897 he was resident at Valetta and was recorded as an Army Pensioner and listed as Canteen Staff. He was 39 at the time, (invalid or ex-officer perhaps – but doubt the latter).

1901 living in Dover with family at 18 Oakleigh Terrace. He is working as a Canteen Manager.

At the time of joining Comrades Lodge he was 45. He is recorded as a Canteen Manager in the Royal Field Artillery Barracks in Colchester.

1911 Census shows a James Blackmore (from Tidworth) as Caretaker of Garrison Theatre in Tidworth. Married to Carrie (from Newport, Shropshire 1859) for 27 years.



Founder member of Comrades - One of the 25 petitioners not named individually on the Warrant of Constitution. He was struck off 1910 with the 1911 census showing he is resident in N. Tidworth, Wiltshire

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