Army Service Corps

His military records show he was born on the 3rd August 1865 and research shows this was in Bethnal Green, Hackney, London to Frederick Charles and Christina (nee MacPherson). Between 1869 and by the 1871 census, Frederick was aged 5 and they had moved to Elizabeth Cottage, Robert Street, Rotherhithe.

In 1885, he was attested for military service and joined the Army Service Corps

He met his wife Bridget Agnes and they married on 14th November 1894 whilst posted to Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was initially recorded as Church of England but perhaps converted to Roman Catholic 1st December 1894. This coincides with their marriage, so probably converted to Catholicism at the same time.

Between 1895 and 1899, Frederick and Bridget are together in Nova Scotia and in the years that follow begin their family with the birth of their son John Carmody on 21st May 1895. Less than two years later, Christina Mary is born 1st January 1897 and then Muriel Violet 8th February 1899.

In 1901, the family are living at 51 Nightingale Terrace, Woolwich. Frederick is absent and is serving overseas in the Boer War. resident at 67 Sxxxx Road Wool….

In 1903, when in Colchester he is living at 2, Old Heath Road, Colchester 12th April 1905 Frederick Sebastian Percy

Leaves the services as a pensioner in 1910. At the outbreak of World War One he re-enlists as a reservist at Colchester, but next of kin, Bridget Agnes is 67 [xxx??] Road, Woolwich He died at Bromley, Kent around December 1942.



Distinguishing features at time of enlistment showed he was 5 foot 5 ½ inches, 139lbs, Eyes: Hazel with light brown hair and fresh complexion. He had a tattoo of an anchor on the left forearm and a small mole below the right nipple.

Military Milestones:

At the outbreak of the First World War, he was aged 49 years and 2 months in October 1914, providing the accurate birth date of c. August 1865. His military records show reference to Date of Birth as 3rd August 1865.

When signing a Short Service Attestation in relation to War there is a caveat which states: “For a term of one year unless War lasts longer than one year, in which case you will be retained until War is over. If employed with Hospitals, depots of Mounted Units, and as Clerks, etc., you may be retained after the termination of hostilities until your services can be spared, but such retention shall in no case exceed six months. If, however, the War is over in less than one year you may be discharged at once”

• 20th October 1914 Joined (re-Attested) at Colchester into the Army Reserve (Special Reservists) – Army Service Corps: Regimental Number: S/2SR/01295. Promoted to 1st Class Staff Sergeant Major. • 20th October 1914 posted to 27 New Coy (Home Service) • 1st April 1916 posted to 373 (Motor Transport) Company, A.S.C. (Home Service) • 16th November 1916 he was “discharged free having been appointed to a temporary commission in the Army Service Corps. Service Medals: • South African 99-02 (Kings) 2 Clasps • South African 99-02 (Queens) 2 Clasps • Long Service and Good Conduct Medal

His character on leaving described as Exemplary, unsurprising after 25 years in the colours and then 2 further years as a reservist.


He was initiated into Royal Standard Lodge, which meets in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, whilst it was located at Freemasons Hall, Barrington Street.

He joined Nil Sine Labore (Nothing without Labour – the latin motto of the Army Service Corps) Lodge very soon after its consecration and met in the Criterion Restaurant in London.

One of the 25 petitioners not named individually on the Warrant of Constitution.

During his time at Comrades Lodge, he was probably the Inner Guard or Steward in the first year, and then elevated to Junior Deacon (1904), Senior Deacon (1905), JW (1906), SW (1908) and becoming 6th Worshipful Master of Comrades Lodge 1908 -1909. He appears not to have taken up any non-progressive offices following his year in the chair, having resigned in 1910.

Masonic Milestones:

• L398 E.C. Royal Standard Lodge, Halifax Nova Scotia. 9th March 1897 - • Initiated: 9th March1897 • Passed: 13th April 1897 • Raised: 11th May 1897 • Grand Lodge Certificate 2nd July 1897 • L2736 E.C. Nil Sine Labore 13th June 1899 - c. 1905-1907 (excluded Rule 175) • L2976 E.C. Comrades Lodge (Founder) 6th August 1903 - 3rd January 1910 (resigned)