The Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own)

Ralph was born in Warwickshire and he is recorded as being 33 in 1890 so this is around 1857

At 1871 there is a Ralph C Taylor living at 45 Barn Lane, (Back of Soho Street) Handsworth, Birmingham. He is aged 14 but stated to be “son-in-law” to a Mr and Mrs Gardner (adopted?) . Occupation xxx xxx Cleaner

Marriage in Q4 1879 to Theresa (nee Cheadle) at West Bromwich, Staffordshire

In 1891 he was living at Albany Barracks, Parkhurst, Newport Isle of White as an Armourer Sergeant with the Rifle Brigade. Theresa, his wife is with him and they are aged 36 and 31 respectively. There are 4 daughters listed, Ellen (9), Theresa (6) Elsie (2) Jessie (1) listed on the same census. He was an initiate at Albany Lodge.

In 1911, he was recorded as a visitor at the Royal Military College at Camberley. He is recorded with another visitor, Theresa Taylor and looks to be staying with Staff Sergeant Albert Wombwell. His trade is recorded as Tobacco Merchant and that both their place of birth was (Warwick, Birmingham. On this census it states that the age is 54 and Theresa is 51 (so how can he be 55 in 1903 – he would have been about 46?)

Listed in Kelley’s Directory between 1912- 1917 as a Tobacconist, resident at 59, Crouch Street, Colchester.

He had the following children by Theresa:


1st March 1890 The 4th Battalion Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort’s Own) were in Parkhurst, Isle of White. 1891 Sergeant So, could have been in Calcutta Dinapore and Burma before Parkhurst (as a more junior rank)

4th Battalion The Rifles

• 1873 India • 1878 Afghanistan • 1881 North West Frontier • 1885 Jhansi • 1885 Calcutta • 1888 Dinapore • 1888 Burma • 1913 Dagshai

Masonic Milestones:

• Initiated: 10th March 1890 • Passed: 14th April 1890 • Raised: 12th May 1890 (GLC: 16th September 1890) • L151 10th March 1890 Albany Lodge, Newport, IoW. Resigned 6th January 1892 • L2976 E.C. Comrades Founder 6th August 1903 - 17th August 1913 (resigned)

Name appears on the Warrant of Constitution as petitioner.

He died 17th September 1930 at the Essex County Hospital, Colchester when he was resident at 4 Beverley Road. Probate was granted on 3rd December 1930 and amounted to £2374 15s 10d. This went to his widow, Theresa, Henry Sansom le Ball (tobacconist) and Gerald Carr Benham, Solicitor.