Comrades Lodge has been around since 1903 and has been actively seeking to do good for over 100 years. Comrades Chapter has been around since 1938 and brings in history, not only from the Comrades, but also Craft Lodges from all around Colchester.


The origins of Comrades Lodge lies with the first Lodge in Essex and not as some of the history alludes with United Lodge. It is true that whilst United provided a lot of the membership, it was the efforts of both United and Angel Lodge, particularly the work of the then Provincial Grand Secretary - W.Bro. Thomas J. Ralling, which brought about the formation of Comrades Lodge.


This section aims to provide aspects of that history. Use the links to the links in the side menu or below to take you to each article.

Roll of Honour

Comrades are proud to host the National Masonic Roll of Honour for those Freemasons who fell in the Great War. Comrades Lodge has had members who are incorporated into that roll, which aims to give, as far as may fairly be done, a history of their own.


News Article 1903

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Essex United Service Lodge Inter-Visitation

50 Year History

100 Year History