(Extract clipping from Essex County Standard (presumed) November 1910)

Freemasonry at Colchester “Comrades’” Lodge Installation

Seven years have passed since the military Lodge of Freemasons in Colchester was consecrated. With the passing of the years the Lodge has lost several of its original members, scattered over land and sea; but there is a continuous accession of new blood and “Comrades” is a flourishing organisation. At the annual installation gathering, which took place at the Masonic Hall at Colchester, on Monday evening, there was one especial note of sadness. The Worshipful Master for the year (W. Bro. T. Adamson) was prevented by serious illness from being present, and his genial personality was greatly missed. In his absence the chair was taken in the early part of the evening by W. Bro. Capt. C.H. Preston (Treasurer), who admitted to the second degree a brother who had been initiated a month previously. At this stage the Deputy Provincial Grand Master (W.Bro. J.H. Salter) and the Provincial Grand Secretary (W.Bro. T.J. Ralling) joined the assemblage, and were accorded the customary hearty greetings. The attendance was a large one, Provincial Grand Officers being well in evidence.

Bro. R.D. Simms was installed as Worshipful Master, the ceremony being impressively performed by W.Bro. W. Lorraine, while W.Bro. F. Mitchell (Director of Ceremonies) efficiently superintended the ceremonial.

The officers for the year were appointed and invested as follows:-

The Worshipful Master was elected to represent the Lodge on the Essex Provincial Charity Committee, and Bros. Wells and Holt were appointed to serve on the Permanent Committee.

The next business was to present a Past Master’s jewel to the retiring Worshipful Master, and the W.M. touchingly alluded to the illness of W.Bro. T. Adamson, and suggested that he and W.Bros. Lorraine and Mitchell should be deputed to make the presentation. – This was agreed to, the brethren expressing their sympathy with the absent W.M. – At the end of the afternoon W.Bro. Lorraine was thanked for the efficiency with which he had discharged the duties of Installing Master, and a vote of thanks was accorded to the Deputy Provincial Grand Master. – W.Bro. Salter, in responding, complimented the Worshipful Master upon his accession to that dignified position, and congratulated W.Bro. W. Lorraine upon the way he had discharged the duty as Installing Master. The Deputy Prov. Grand Master also pleasantly commented on the pleasurable way in which the military and Masonry were associated, and upon the opportunity which soldiers had of joining Lodges abroad, and at the en of an agreeable address felicitated the Lodge upon its progress and its new chiefs upon their preferment. The Lodge was shortly afterwards closed.

The usual banquet followed, when the newly installed W.M. presided, and there was a goodly muster of members and visitors. Bros. Wright served an enjoyable repast. – After dinner the usual loyal and Masonic toasts were submitted by the W.M., and heartily responded to that of the Grand Officers emphasised the remark of the Deputy Prov. Grand Master as to the privilege of military men in enjoying Masonic work in various parts of the world. Alluding to the progress of the Grand Master (the Duke of Connaught) through South Africa, he said a great good was expected from Masonry in that part of the world. Turning to the “Comrades” Lodge, W.Bro. Ralling commented on the hard work of the new Master as Secretary of the Lodge for several years, and said he was certain that the Lodge would prosper under his guidance. The speaker made a sympathetic and appropriate allusion to the illness of W.Bro. Adamson, an expression which was endorsed by the brethren. In concluding an effective address, the Prov.Grand Secretary said he hoped the brethren in Colchester would look on him not as an official, but as a friend. – Proposing the health of the Prov. Grand Master (R.W. Bro. Col. Lockwood), the W.M. described him as a genial gentelman and a fine Mason. – The W.M. gave the toast of the Provincial Grand Officers, present and past. - Responses were made by W.Bros. C.C. Naters, G. Eustace, and F. Mitchell.

W.Bro. Lorraine, in proposing “The Worshipful Master,” said he had been very proud to perform the duty of installing W.Bro. Simms. He was sure the W.M. would uphold the the traditions of the position, and he wished him a very happy year of office. – The Worshipful Master, in acknowledgement of an exceedingly cordial greeting, said he was going to do his level best for the Lodge. He was sure he would have the support of all, and that the officers would do their utmost. He bespoke the assistance of the Past Masters, and after a graceful reference to W.Bro. Adamson - a genial, good-hearted, kindly Mason - he returned thanks for the warmth of the welcome which had bee extended to him, and reiterated his expressions of loyalty to the Lodge and intention to do the best for it.

Other toasts were, “The Visitors,” “The I.P.M.,” and Past Masters of the Lodge, “ and “The Officers of the Lodge.”

During the evening musical contributions were given by various brethren, the songs of Bro. A. King gving especial pleasure. The accompaniments were played by Bro. G. Ostlere [Ends]