who was shown in the monthly casualty list published in October, 1914, as killed in action, but at that time no place or exact date was mentioned. We now know that Captain Archibald William Murray was fatally wounded by shell fire in the area around Sermoise, France and died as an Honorary Captain & Quarter Master, on Sunday, 13th September 1914, whilst in the service of his King and his Country. He is respectfully buried in Montreuil-aux-Lions British Cemetery, Aisne, France (Plot III, Row D, Grave 3).

He was born on 16th January 1863.

After serving in the ranks for more than fifteen years, and as a Warrant Officer for over six years, he received his commission as Quartermaster in the King's Own Scottish Borderers in September 1903. He served in the Chin-Lushai Expedition of 1889-90, for which he received the medal with clasp, and was promoted Honorary Captain in September 1913.

Within the minute books of Comrades Lodge it shows that Capt. Murray was with the 1st Battalion The King's Own Scottish Borderers, however, it is certain that he was with the 2nd Battalion as the Army lists show.

Tracking his unit it shows that it was in Cawnpore 1899, Dinapore 1901 & Mandalay 1903. His unit was in Colchester (Hyderabad Barracks) in 1905 (otherwise he would not have become a member), but it must have been short-lived as subsequent posting show a move to Glasgow, before going to Belfast and Dublin.

He was initiated in Lodge of Harmony, No. 438, Cawnpore, Bengal on 19th November 1900, Passed - 7th January 1901 and Raised, 4th February 1901. He resigned from there on 28th February 1901. He joined St. David's Lodge, No. 393, Berwick on 3rd March 1903 and resigned 1st December 1903. This practice of resigning and joining lodges was quite normal for soldiers who were regularly being deployed throughout the Empire where the ability to continue local Freemasonry was usually available.

On page 35 of the Minutes of Comrades Lodge it shows a proposition to join recorded on the 20th February 1905. He is listed as 98 in the Comrades Lodge Register of members as a joining member on 20th March 1905, aged 41. He is recorded as being a Lieutenant & Quarter Master at this time. He resigned from Comrades Lodge 20th November 1906. What happened to him after that is a mystery; he is not recorded as having joined any other lodges.

Archibald Murray was not recorded in the 1921 Masonic Roll of Honour or the 1933 Scroll or subsequent lists.

With thanks to W.Bro. Mike McCarthy for the detail of this soldier.