Royal Army Ordnance Corps

Registered as born in June 1885 at West Ham, Essex.

Not much is known about Staff Sergeant Barford, as his records are most probably destroyed by fire. However we know that he enlisted into the Army at Woolwich. He became T442 Staff Sergeant (Armourer) and part of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps. He was attached to the 15th Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery when he was killed.

John Barford is listed as no. 270 in the Register of Members and was initiated, aged 26, into Comrades Lodge on 18 December 1911, passed on 15 January 1912 and raised 19 February 1912. Pages 145,146 & 148 of the Minutes book show Initiation, Passing and raising respectively. Page 150 of the Minutes records the presentation of a Grand Lodge Certificate. 29th Division, 15th Brigade was sent to Gallipoli to relieve the supply route to Russia.

Staff Sergeant John William George Barford was killed in action on 10th May 1915, less than a month into the ill-fated campaign at Gallipoli, but in the service of his King and his Country His name is commemorated on Special Memorial No. 4 at Pink Farm Cemetery, Helles in Turkey. His name is also listed amongst the fallen on the Royal Army Ordnance Corps Memorial overlooking the Parade Ground at Alma and Dettingen Barracks at Deepcut, Surrey.

The diary of Staff Sergeant James HALL of 'Y' Battery, 15th Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery. The entry for 10th May 1915; "" Lost my best friend, Sergeant Barford, who was killed just as we were talking together about a job we had just completed on one of the guns"". BARFORD, Armament Staff Sergeant John William No.T/442 Royal Army Ordnance Corps attached ?Y? Battery, 15th Brigade, R.H.A. Staff Sergeant Barford was born in West Ham, Essex, and enlisted Woolwich, Kent. Killed in action on May 10, 1915. Buried Pink Farm Cemetery, Helles.

His name is commemorated in 1921 book the Masoni Roll of Honour and is listed at in the Shrine Room at Headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England, Freemason's Hall, Great Queen Street, London.