Group of Comrades Lodge c. 1915

Photo donated to the Lodge by David Clayton, prior owner of the Spinnaker Public House, who acquired it in the 1990s after some houses in Colchester were demolished.

The photos is c.1915 and taken outside the original Masonic Hall, Abbey Gate Street,Colchester (demolished 1970s and under Southway). The group is believed to be Comrades Lodge, and does not have evidence within it to suggest Angel or United Lodges. There are two major clues: The member at the back centre with cuffs - a zoom in reveals a trace outline of Comrades Lodge on what appear to be the "Master's" cuffs. The Past Master beside him to the right is wearing a Comrades Lodge Founders Jewel and a Comrades Lodge Past Masters Jewel.

The date of the photo is around 1915. The hall had been established a number of years looking at the vegetation. Some of the brethren are wearing a Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex Jewel (1915).

If it is dated 1915, some of the brethren can be named as Tyler (full left) - A. Metheringham, Inner Guard - (left front seated) - perhaps H. Flannagan. Back row left - possibly the Master: J Denman, the Founder, (2nd Back left) is unknown and Secretary (front seated 2nd from right) - possibly W.Lorraine.